Si3D Spray

Advanced Aminomodified Polysiloxane Formula: Discover the power of Nanolex Si3D Spray, meticulously formulated with a reactive aminomodified polysiloxane for state-of-the-art vehicle protection. This unique technology ensures your vehicle not only maintains its lustrous shine but also enjoys fortified defense against daily environmental challenges.

Unparalleled Protection & Longevity: Si3D Spray lays down a resilient, transparent ceramic layer that adheres firmly to your vehicle’s surfaces, safeguarding against UV damage, contaminants, and the rigors of the road. Boasting a durability of 10.000 km, this coating delivers enduring protection and gloss, ensuring your vehicle remains in prime condition.

Versatile and Convenient Features: Multi-Surface Compatibility: Perfectly suited for all exterior surfaces, including paint, plastic trim, and glass, ensuring comprehensive vehicle protection. Quick and Easy Application: Designed for hassle-free use, the coating allows for a swift and seamless application process. Instantaneous Protection: With no curing time required, Si3D Spray provides immediate protection, ideal for on-the-go applications or situations where sheltering the vehicle is not feasible. Long lasting protection with an extended durability of at least 10.000 km or 10 washes. Radiant Gloss Finish: Enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal with a brilliant shine. Superior Hydrophobic Properties: Effortlessly repels water and contaminants, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. User-Centric Design: Nanolex Si3D Spray is crafted for accessibility, enabling both car enthusiasts and professionals to achieve top-tier protection and shine with minimal effort.

  • Perfectly suited for all exterior surfaces, including paint, plastic trim, and glass
  • Quick and Easy Application
  • Instantaneous Protection without curing time
  • Radiant Gloss Finish
  • Superior Hydrophobic Properties
  • Extended durability of at least 10.000 Km or 10 washes

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Spray a small amount of the product onto a microfiber cloth. Apply the product to the surface in a thin, even layer. Gently buff away any excess product with a clean and soft microfiber cloth, ensuring to use light motions to avoid applying pressure. Nanolex Si3D Spray has the advantage of no curing time, making it incredibly convenient, especially when time is of the essence or when there is no possibility to shelter the car for curing.

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