Polysilazane Infused Flexibility and Durability: Introducing Nanolex Si3D Rim, a ceramic coating rooted in polysilazane technology. This advanced formula strikes a harmonious balance between flexibility and impressive resilience, making it the ultimate shield for automotive rims against the elevated temperatures from fast rotations and intensive braking.

Stunning Aesthetics and Easy Maintenance: With Nanolex Si3D Rim Ceramic Coating, cleaning becomes a breeze as brake dust and contaminants can be easily washed away. The coating leaves behind a radiant, high-gloss finish, showcasing the true beauty of your rims.

Versatile Application for Every User: Whether you're a fan of the manual touch or lean towards spray convenience, Si3D Rim is adaptable to both. When opting for spray application, use suitable spraying equipment, such as an airbrush, to ensure uniform coverage. Each application method promises comprehensive protection for your rims.

Application Made Simple, Maintenance Even Simpler: The user-centric design of Si3D Rim ensures a seamless application process and even simpler maintenance regime. Grime, brake dust, and contaminants? A mere afterthought, as your rims retain their pristine state with minimal effort.

Gloss Beyond Compare: Si3D Rim doesn't just protect; it illuminates. Your rims will shine with an unrivaled gloss, making heads turn. Furthermore, its hydrophobic prowess ensures water simply beads and rolls away, preserving the rim's brilliant luster.

Highlight Features: Polysilazane Rooted Strength: Crafted to battle the daily challenges faced by rims. Choice of Application: Hand application for precision or use of suitable spraying equipment like an airbrush for swift and even coverage. Effortless Care: Application is intuitive, and cleaning is a breeze. Radiant Finish: Bestows a luminous glow and superior water-repelling attributes.

  • Spohisticated Protection specifically designed for rims
  • Intuituve Application
  • Allows for very easy maintenance
  • Extremely long lasting

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Safety Precautions: Before proceeding, ensure you are adequately protected by wearing appropriate safety gear. This is crucial when handling and applying Nanolex Car Care products.

Optimal Working Conditions:

Temperature: 5 - 25°C (41 - 77°F) Humidity: 30-90% Conduct the application in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight.

  1. Cleaning: Nanolex Si3D Rim is formulated for application on all types of automotive rims. Ensure that the rims are completely dry and devoid of any contaminants, dust, or residues. If there was any prior cleaning or treatment, all residues must be fully removed. Cleaning the rims with Nanolex PreWash Concentrate, followed by Nanolex EX, is recommended to ensure all contaminants, oils, and fillers are thoroughly eliminated. Use Nanolex microfiber towels for this process, turning or replacing the cloth as necessary to maintain effectiveness.

  2. Application:

Manual Application: Dispense 8-10 drops of Nanolex Si3D Rim onto a microfiber applicator cloth. Apply the product evenly across the rim surface in crisscross motions, ensuring complete coverage without applying excessive pressure. Allow the product to flash off evenly. After 2-5 minutes, gently buff away any residue with a soft microfiber cloth, using light motions and avoiding pressure. Spray Equipment Application: If applying with an airbrush or HVLP spray equipment, ensure the equipment is clean and properly set up. For HVLP application, set the pressure to 2-3 bar and use a 0.5 nozzle. Apply Nanolex Si3D Rim evenly across the rim surface, ensuring complete coverage. Allow the product to flash off and settle on the surface. No buffing is required after application with spray equipment.

  1. Drying/Curing:

Allow the product to cure on the rim surface for at least 24 hours at an ambient temperature of 20°C (68°F) and a minimum air humidity of 30%, ensuring the area is well-ventilated. Avoid any contact with water on the treated rim surfaces during the curing period. Do not wash the rims within the first 7 days post-application.

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