Si3D Leather

Sophisticated Protection:

Discover the ultimate in leather preservation with Nanolex Si3D Leather, a revolutionary ceramic coating crafted using innovative organopolysilazane technology. Developed exclusively for automotive leather, this advanced formula is a milestone in professional leather protection, ensuring the luxurious look and feel of your interiors are preserved and protected against the elements.

Professional Grade Quality & Resilience: Nanolex Si3D Leather offers unparalleled preservation and enduring results, creating a robust, flexible ceramic shield. It enhances the natural resilience of your leather against abrasion, discolouration, spills, and UV rays, maintaining its suppleness and rich appearance while staying completely invisible.

Exceptional Features: Advanced Hydrophobicity: Repels water and spills, maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your leather. UV Protection: Guards against harmful UV rays, preventing fading and aging. Enhanced Durability: Reinforces the leather's natural strength, preserving its luxurious texture and appearance with a durability of 30000 Km or 30 cleaning cycles Effortless Application:Easy to apply, Nanolex Si3D Leather ensures uniform coating and optimal bonding, making it a preferred choice for professionals and automotive enthusiasts seeking premium protection for their leather interiors.

  • Advanced Hydrophobicity
  • UV Protection
  • Enhanced Durability of 30000 Km or 30 cleaning cycles
  • Effortless Application
  • Easy to apply 

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Safety Precautions: Prioritize your safety by donning suitable protective gear while handling and applying Nanolex Car Care products.

Optimal Working Conditions:

Temperature: 5 - 25°C (41 - 77°F) Humidity: 30-90% Choose a shaded area for the application, away from direct sunlight.

  1. Cleaning and Preparing the Leather:

Nanolex Si3D Leather is specifically formulated for use on leather surfaces. Ensure the leather is completely dry and free from any contaminants, dust, or residues. Clean the leather thoroughly with Nanolex Interior Cleaner to remove dirt, oils, and grime. After cleaning, wipe down the leather with demineralized water using a clean microfiber cloth. This step is crucial to ensure proper bonding of the coating. Allow the leather to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Application:

Apply a small amount of the product onto a microfiber applicator pad or a suede cloth wrapped around a coating block. Gently apply the product to the leather surface in a thin, even layer, working in small sections. Use crisscross motions to ensure uniform coverage and penetration into the leather. Allow the product to bond with the leather for a few minutes. Gently buff away any excess product with a clean and soft microfiber cloth, using light motions to avoid applying pressure.

  1. Drying/Curing:

Allow the treated leather surfaces to dry and cure for at least 24 hours in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. During this time, avoid any contact with the treated surfaces to ensure optimal bonding and protection. After the curing period, the leather is fully protected, and you can enjoy the enhanced appearance and protection provided by Nanolex Si3D Leather.

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