Hybrid Wax

Nanolex Hybrid Wax is formulated using a blend of three natural waxes, including carnauba wax, and innovative additives as well as a sophisticated hybrid polymer. This composition allows it to bond extremely well to all lacquered surfaces while being extremely easy to apply. Designed to perform individually and on top of ceramic coatings, Nanolex Hybrid Wax increases gloss depth and color enhancement and offers outstanding water beading. Nanolex Hybrid Wax is very detergent resistant and offers impressive durability to make sure your car is protected, shiny and clean for a very long time.

How To Use Nanolex Hybrid Wax

This product can be stored for up to 24 months (in a dry, temperature stable environment)

Processing temperature: 5-30°C - Avoid direct sunlight and/or high air humidity.

Nanolex Hybrid Wax can be applied directly to all lacquer surfaces. The lacquer surface must be dry and free of contamination or dust.

Use a clean wax applicator. Take a small amount of Hybrid Wax on a wax applicator pad by gently wiping the applicator across the Hybrid Wax surface. Apply the Hybrid Wax sparingly and thin on to the surface. Use light pressure and cover the entire area section by section. Remove excess material and polish to a high shine after 5-10 minutes with a soft microfiber cloth.

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