Matte Reactivating Shampoo

Nanolex Matte Reactivating Shampoo is a specialist car shampoo for matte paints and surfaces. It is completely safe because it does not contain glossing agents or wax that can add shine or gloss to your matte surfaces.

Nanolex Matte Reactivating Shampoo is pH neutral and offers good cleaning and lubricating properties to wash your matte paint or surfaces easily. In addition it has advanced nanotechnology that forms a chemical bond and molecular bond with previously applied protective layers and refreshes them, helping to keep your car cleaner for longer.

Nanolex Matte Shampoo was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Nanolex Matte Shampoo is highly concentrated - mix only 20-25ml of shampoo with 10L of water!

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