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Nanolex Car Care

We are dedicated to offering you the most effective, most durable, best performing sealants you can find. Based on the "Sol-Gel" system our products bond to the surface, giving it outstandingly long lasting easy-to-clean characteristics. 

Final Finish

Nanolex Final Finish is a high technology detailing spray that removes light dust, finger prints and even water spots to leave a streak-free finish.

Nanolex Final Finish is silicone free, and safe for use on paint, wheels, glass and plastics. It is ideal to use after washing or in between washes to regain a perfect finish.


Nanolex WashCoat is a very quick and effective way to protect and maintain exterior automotive surfaces.

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is designed to clean and protect your car in a single, easy step. 

While washing your car, the advanced formula forms a chemical and molecular bond with previously applied protective layers and refreshes them.

Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant

 Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is the non-plus-ultra coating system for automotive glass surfaces.

Nanolex Ultra Paint and Alloy Sealant Nanolex Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant is the newest product for painted surfaces developed and manufactured by Nanolex in Germany.

This product couples highest water-beading performance with outstanding durability.

The grip of the sealed surface was optimized, after the sealant is fully cured the paintwork feels much slicker.
Nanolex Premium Textile Sealant for Convertible Top

Nanolex Convertible Top Sealant is an high tech textile coating that forms an extremely long lasting water and oil repellent barrier on convertible tops.